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Zoom H1N Portable Field Recorder

  • $195.00 Inc GST

The Zoom H1n brings you the latest edition of the popular and easy to use handheld PCM recorder. Featuring X/Y stereo pickup, allowing you to capture great-sounding recordings with unlimited overdubs. Perfect for archiving music performances, dialogue, and sound for films. Additionally, the H1n is loaded with new features including dedicated one-touch buttons for recording, playback, and audio settings. As well as a new 1.25″ back-lit LCD that reads easily in any lighting condition, and slate and test tone generators for simpler A/V sync. You’ll also enjoy the addition of auto-record and self-timer functions, front-facing speaker, and adjustable playback speed for transcription and notation.

So, whether you make use of the phase-coherent on-board stereo X/Y mics, or plug in your own using the 1/8″ stereo mic/line jack; the Zoom H1n can capture your world in glorious 24-bit/96kHz hi-fi.

Brighter, crisper backlit LCD display

The new 1.25″ monochromatic display on the H1n looks great in virtually all lighting conditions. Featuring a clean and organised layout, as well as a backlight that pops during dark or direct light situations.

Distortion-free audio recording

Additionally, Auto-Level and onboard limiting provide up to 120 dB of distortion-free audio — giving you more than enough headroom to reproduce the most dynamic spoken and musical performances with the Zoom H1n.

Unlimited overdubs — great for multitrack audio

Zoom H1n even lets you overdub audio onto your existing recordings. Making the H1n an essential tool for the touring artist or songwriter on the move.

Tone generators and timer tools

Even easier to use than previous iterations. The H1n includes Slate and test tone generators enabling picture-perfect audio and video sync. While the auto-record and self-timer features of the H1n make sure you never miss the moment.

Onboard stereo XY mics plus mic/line jack

A pair of built-in stereo condenser microphones oriented in a fixed 90° XY pattern to capture audio in perfect phase-coherent stereo. Then, when the occasion demands, an 1/8″ mic/line input on the Zoom H1n lets you use your studio and shotgun mics. Broadcast-ready, BWF-compliant 24/96 WAV, and space-saving MP3 audio formats are available to suit your needs.

10 hours from 2 AAA batteries

The H1n promises up to 10 hours of operation using just 2 AAA alkaline batteries. Rechargeable Li-ion and NiMH AAA batteries may promise even better performance. Or, for home use, simply run the Zoom H1n off of USB power (cable and adapter not included).

USB connectivity

Connect the H1n to your device via USB to use it as an audio interface, or to drag files to your workstation. So whether you’re recording at home or on location, the Zoom H1n captures clean audio without fuss.