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Yongnuo YN260 LED light wand

  • $229.00

YONGNUO brand new supercapacity built-in battery LED Video Light, Long-lasting Power brings you continuous photography creativity.


Long-lasting Power

5200mAh large battery,  supercharge , charging to 80% in 80 minutes

When it is fully charged, 3200K-5500K mode in max brightness can work up to 2 hours, RGB mode in max brightness can work up to 4 hours 


RGB full colour gamut allows you to choose any color you want through the APP’s color palette

Support the RGB full color and 3200K-5500K 2 modes

Support the APP programming control

Ultra large lighting angle

Supports 2 power modes: built-in lithium battery and 12V*2A DC power supply

LED digital display make the power output more clearly.

With YONGNUO LED constant current technologydelivering a stable brightness output.



Color temperature: 3200K5500K and RGB full color 

Mobile phone APP remote distance: less than 15meters

Power: 18W and 8W           Lumen value2400LM and 494LM

Weight: 1134g            Lighting Angle: 110 degrees 

Built-in Battery: 5200mAh

External DC power supply: 12V*2A DC power supply

Size: 595*70*70mm

(Note: this product only supports the phone APP remote control, does not supports the 2.4 G wireless remote control)

YN260 offers 2 models:

White : 192 pcs 5500K SMD LEDs + 40 pcs RGB SMD LEDs

Bi-color : 96 pcs 3200K SMD LEDs + 96 pcs 5500K SMD LEDs + 40 pcs RGB SMD LEDs