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Video Stabiliser - 500g max weight

Video Stabiliser - 500g max weight

  • $74.32 Inc GST

Sevenoak Mini Action Stabilizer SK-W08 is a compact, ultra-light camera stabilizer that uses counterweights and gimbal to help you keep your camera steady when shooting video---eliminating distracting camera movement for smoother, more professional-looking movies. 

A super-smooth gimbal and adjustable counterweight help keep the camera balance and stable, and a bubble level is built in to check the camera’s balance. A comfortable padded hand grip minimizes fatigue when shooting with SK-W08. 


Stabilizes camera to minimize camera shake 

Super-smooth gimbal 

Adjustable counterbalance weights 

Bubble level 

Compatible with Gopro and other action cameras 

Compatible with smart phones by adding other mounting devices 

Maximum weight capacity: 0.5 KG