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SWIVI External Monitor 5.6”

SWIVI External Monitor 5.6”

  • $489.37 Inc GST

SWIVI External Monitor

Swivi is a new and innovative design which adds a large 5.6" swivel HDMI LCD to any camera. The large 5.6" Swivi LCD adds form and function for Photographers and Videographers.

Viewing video recording and replay on a larger size LCD Screen allows you to be more accurate on framing, focusing and less chance of reshooting. The swivel function gives you flexibility to capture low angle shots and creative composition. Swivi mounts with your existing camera tripod mount and offers a high definition live view through your camera’s HDMI output.

It also provides Peaking Focus, Zoom In & Out functions and built in stereo speakers. Along with optional sun shade, Swivi screen is more convenient to use outdoors. Swivi powers up using a Canon LP-E6 battery or a AAA battery adapter. Battery adapter is included.