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Sevenoak SK-VAM30 support vest

  • $1,185.94

The Support Vest Pro with Arm SK-VAM30 from Sevenoak is a vest with an arm attached to it. On top of the arm you can mount different stabilizers. The vest spreads the total weight over the shoulders, back and hips. Together with the stabilizer, the vest provides stable and smooth footage while filming, walking or running on uneven terrain. The stabilizer has a maximum loading weight of 10 kg. The Sevenoak SK-VAM30 weighs a total of 4 kg and is adjustable in size. Its flexible arm consists of 2 sections which can be moved in all directions.

Included is a 18mm tube which can be used to mount accessories of the following Sevenoak stabilizers:

  • SK-SW01

  • SK-SW02

  • SK-SW03

  • SK-W01

  • SK-W04