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Samsung P Series Pixel Pitch LED Indoor signage Inform, Engage and Entertain through a High-Quality Indoor Viewing Environment

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Businesses need to make a big impression to catch the eye of consumers in often-crowded indoor environments. With Samsung’s new IS Series SMART LED indoor signage, these businesses receive the reliable toolset necessary to provide a modern, differentiated and seamless viewing experience. The fine pixel pitch displays deliver excellent picture quality with minimal maintenance and resources required. Flexible and customizable for any indoor setting, Samsung’s IS Series displays offer new opportunities to efficiently share captivating, lifelike content.
Samsung’s IS Series displays bring the clarity and power of Samsung’s renowned TV and LCD technologies to any indoor environment, ensuring that content is shared consistently and with colors that pop. Embedded sharpness and contrast ratio enhancement and selective color enrichment features amplify visual presentation for added detail and realism. Users additionally can choose the best picture presentation mode for their featured content through advanced gamut mapping.
IS Series users receive a host of tools to streamline content creation and delivery. The LED Signage Box (S-Box) shares and synchronizes FHD content across multiple screens in place of an often costly external video processor. Each IS Series display also is compatible with Samsung’s MagicInfo platform, which offers easy content management through an intuitive interface. Featured content also is visible as far as 100m away through the embedded HDBaseT RX module receiver, which eliminates the need for cables, repeaters and amplifiers.

Each IS Series display undergoes thorough factory calibration, which fine-tunes all sub-pixels to achieve uniform brightness and color chromaticity out of the box. Samsung provides convenient on-site sub-pixel calibration using a compatible DSLR camera, eliminating the need for burdensome radiant cameras and external software often required to calibrate comparable displays. As these displays are installed, module to module calibration and advanced picture setting using Samsung LED Signage Manager (LSM) maintains an excellent and consistent presentation.