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Samsung MagicWB 3.0 Solutions

Samsung MagicWB 3.0 Solutions

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MagicIWB Board I
Pique interest in presentations with direct access to rich content and interactive tools. Easily create powerful, content-rich presentations and share them with participants to encourage discussion, brainstorming and problem solving
MagicIWB Manager
Enable effortless administration of meetings and classes by equipping presenters and teachers with a wealth of management tools using this versatile e-Board software solution. Create a meeting or class, invite attendees, conduct votes, give exams and simplify the transfer of files from the display to the individual client device, allowing easy collaboration and information sharing.
MagicIWB Agent
Install this software solution on participants' mobile devices and it becomes an efficient and effective communication and remote management tool. Participants can select a class to attend, submit a question to the presenter and share files with the group. Available through the iTunes® Store and Android™ app marketplace, this simple-to-use application encourages seamless, interactive communication between the presenter and participants.