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PIM-HDBT (FHD Media Streaming)

PIM-HDBT (FHD Media Streaming)

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Samsung has combined two elements: Plug-in-Module (PIM), a slim, cable-less extension that enhances display functionality and HDBaseT (HDBT), connectivity technology that uses a single integrated LAN cable to transmit video, audio, remote control and Ethernet signals. Simply connect the LAN cable to the PIM that attaches to the back of Samsung SMART Signage and you’re done. Samsung PIM-HDBT provides you with a unified connection between an FHD video source and remote display. The solution functions as a receiver and is compatible with other market-available HDBT TX transmitters.
Using Samsung PIM-HDBT, IT manager can stream FHD multimedia content to SMART signage in multiple conference rooms on different floors of a building simultaneously. Or, airport staff can replace bulky cables at a check in counter with a single cable for transmitting real-time flight updates to multiple displays in different locations cleanly and without clutter. In both cases, installation can be done swiftly and conveniently so operations can run smoothly. Samsung PIM-HDBT offers FHD media streaming over distances of up to 100m in real time with no data loss thanks to all-in-one media signal integration through a single LAN cable along with a compact PIM. This means, PIM-HDBT simplifies the setup by eliminating the need for additional cables, repeaters or amplifiers. The solution offers an elegant display environment at a lower cost.