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Metz Mecastudio TL-600 SB-Kit II

Metz Mecastudio TL-600 SB-Kit II

  • $1,664.63

Creative lighting as desired.

Whether it’s a portrait shot, product photo or artistic still life – it’s the light that makes the picture. Unlike when you’re out in the open, in a photographer's studio you have full control over the lighting. Aided by high-performance studio flash units and the proper equipment, extraordinary possibilities for creative lighting open up. Metz has the perfect solution for professionals and ambitious amateurs.

Kit contains:

  • 2 × mecastudio TL-600 studio flash unit incl. 2 × flex, 2 × sync cable of 3.5 mm, 2 × protective cap, without standard reflector
  • 2 × air-cushioned lighting tripod LS-247, 247 cm
  • 2 × soft box SB 60-90
  • 1 × case T-75 for up to 2 studio flash units and accessories

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