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MegaMount Multimedia Rig Case Video Stabilizer for Apple iPad Pro 12.9 3rd/4th/ 5th/6th Gen

MegaMount Multimedia Rig Case Video Stabilizer for Apple iPad Pro 12.9 3rd/4th/ 5th/6th Gen

  • $295.00 Inc GST

The MegaMount is a rugged, customized case designed exclusively for the Apple iPad Pro 12.9" 3rd Gen Latest.  It features a unique swing-out handle system which offers the ability to record shake-free, professional quality videos and images. Constructed of durable ABS, the case will securely protect the iPad during use.  Its specialized design provides the ability to attach many accessories such as lenses, lights and microphones. It can also be mounted on a tripod or monopod and supports recording both horizontally and vertically.

 MULTI-FUNCTIONAL DESIGN allows the use of professional recording using an iPad Pro 12.9" It's perfect for Vloggers, Broadcast Programming, Theatrical Events, Presentations, Youtube Recording, ENG & Business Applications.

INTEGRATED SWING-OUT HANDLES provide a firm grip for stability during handheld video recording. The handles can also function as a tabletop stand and fold neatly into the case when not in use.

METAL THREADED LENS MOUNT can accept a variety of 37mm lenses and filters to expand your creative abilities. Two additional mounts keep lenses handy.

THREE COLD SHOE MOUNTS are provided for attaching video lights, microphones, and other accessories. BUBBLE LEVEL assists with positioning and keeping the tablet horizontally even during recordings.

BUILT-IN TRIPOD SOCKETS for mounting the unit directly onto a tripod, monopod, slider or any 1/4” device. An additional tripod socket on the side will support mounting both horizontally and vertically.


Fits: Apple iPad Pro 12.9” only

Unit Size: 11W x 8.5H x 1D”

Unit Weight: 14.5 oz

Shoe Mounts: 2 + 1 side

Tripod Sockets: 2 (base,side)

Lens Mount: 37mm thread