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Kano Computer Kit Complete - Make and Code Your Own Laptop

  • $453.64

Build your own computer and bring it to life with Kano's complete computer kit! Contains all the hardware and software you need, from screen and keyboard right down to a Raspberry Pi processor (the 'brain' of the computer). Learn to code with 100+ playful projects. Make art, music, apps, and sound projects. Perfect for beginners, expansive for experts. 

This kit contains everything you need in one box, including a step-by-step book, 10.1'" HD screen, Raspberry Pi 3, battery, DIY speaker, wireless keyboard, case and stand, memory, 3 USB ports, HDMI and power cables, sound sensor, stickers, and Kano's unique operating system. 

Once you've got your computer up and running, learn to code and run your own programs with 100+ coding challenges, apps, creative challenges and stories. Make art, music, apps, games and more. Don't just play Minecraft, hack it! 

Browse the internet, use your favourite apps like YouTube, Whatsapp, Google Docs, Maps, Codecademy, Wikipedia and more.

Endless play with Kano World - the free creative community. Make, share, and play with people in 86 countries.

Kit Includes

  • Blocks x3 - Keeps parts connected
  • Screen Case - Protects the screen
  • HDMI Cable - Connects screen to computer
  • SD Card - To save the games and apps
  • Raspberry Pi 3 - Brain of the computer
  • Sound Sensor - To create with sounds
  • Power Board - Turns the computer on Screen - Code in gorgeous HD
  • DIY Speaker - Gives the computer a voice
  • USB Board - For connecting other devices
  • Stickers - Make it yours
  • Storybook - Simple steps show you how
  • Keyboard - To work the magic without cables
  • Battery - Rechargeable
  • Power Cables - To charge the battery

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