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RedWing Illuma 100 Softbox | 75cm x 100cm

RedWing Illuma 100 Softbox | 75cm x 100cm

  • $471.68 Inc GST

RedWing Illuma 100 Softbox | 75cm x 100cm

Illuma boxes sport a thin profile a half radial depth which produces better efficiency, more stability and greater mobility than other soft boxes. They offer several unique features: a removable front diffuser, silver-with-white interior surfaces and two graduated inner baffles for contrast changes.
The Illumas two different inner baffles are designed to maximize the number of options in light quality.

The different baffles also address the issue of the wide variety of flash-head designs by different manufacturers; this can greatly vary the way in which the flash is projected within the diffusion bank and whether or not the light values on the front diffuser are relatively even.

The Illumas inner baffles catch any of these various light projections and even out the light distribution. Also includes carrying case. CR3100 speed ring and RD6210 Bowens S-type adaptor Included - Elinchrom adapter available instead if required.