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Manfrotto Advanced 67mm Circular Polarising Filter

Manfrotto Advanced 67mm Circular Polarising Filter

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Manfrotto Advanced 67mm Circular Polarising Filter

Manfrotto’s Advanced range of ultra thin 12 layer multi-coated glass filters are designed for the discerning enthusiast’s needs. UV filters help reduce excessive haziness caused by ultraviolet (UV) light and also doubles as a durable lens protector. Circ-Pol filters provide superior colour and contrast enhancement for superb captured imagery.

Manfrotto filters are developed to the highest standards of quality in line with Manfrotto’s tradition of continually investing in the latest technology together with constant assessment of the current product range, production needs and consumer trends. These filters complement Manfrotto’s extensive range of tripods, heads, lighting, bags and apparel.

All of Manfrotto’s glass filters are manufactured in Japan following strict quality guidelines to deliver uncompromising performance when capturing the perfect shot.

Manfrotto filters come with ultra-thin frames and the Professional/Advanced filters have black rimmed glass to minimise light refraction for maximum clarity. Up to 12 layers of coating on Manfrotto’s filters enable high levels of light transmission for clearer images. Other key features of Manfrotto filters are its water repellent, scratch/oil resistant, anti-reflective and antistatic coatings.

All Advanced filters come with high quality water repellent, scratch/oil resistant and anti-reflective coatings, a protective case plus a 3 year warranty.