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A-P | Bulk 35mm Film Loader

A-P | Bulk 35mm Film Loader

  • $180.00

A-P | Bulk 35mm Film Loader

We sell all the accessories needed to bulk load black and white film. These include a film cassette opener to remove the end caps from crimped metal cassettes, a changing bag to help you in light-tight situations like loading your film onto the bulk-load reel and a film retriever to pull the film leader out of the original cassette after rewinding. Of course, you will also need cassettes to enable you to load the bulk-film. We also recommend a Lupe and a roll of double-sided tape to fasten the film leader to the cassette inner reel. 

The AP Bobinquick film loader is the best film loader on the market. Because it has clear dials that indicate both film loaded and stock left, a reset switch, and a safety 'interlock' catch we recommend it for school and college use.

We sell THREE types of reloadable cassettes (plastic, metal, and DX coded 100 and 400 ISO) all of which are the same price. Compare our prices with other so called 'bulk-film specialists' and you will see a 40% saving if purchased from Firstcall.

You can use magnifying loupes to examine the film grain after film processing prior to printing. When choosing your changing bag think about your hand size and camera/reel space needed when zipped up. The Jessops bag, at 27 x 29 inches, is the largest we sell but our own ones are more compact. All three sizes we sell are made from nylon.