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Sigma 24-60mm 2.8 AF EX DG

Sigma 24-60mm 2.8 AF EX DG

  • $513.15

Sigma 24-60mm 2.8 AF EX DG

  • Fast F2.8 constant aperture
  • Compact Design of just 84.5mm in length
  • Minimum focusing distance of 38cm with a maximum magnification ratio of 1:5.8
  • Two Special Low Dispersion (SLD) glass elements and four aspherical glass elements for maximum image quality
  • Internal focusing to allow use with circular polarizing filters and a petal shaped hood
  • Zoom Lock eliminates ‘zoom creep’

The Sigma 24-60mm F2.8 lens has a very compact design for a lens with this large an aperture. By effective arrangement of Special Low Dispersion (SLD) and aspherical glass elements, this lens has compact dimensions of 3.29" maximum diameter, and 33.2" length. And with other advanced features like IF (Internal Focusing), two SLD (Special Low Dispersion) elements, 4 aspherical elements, Zoom Lock switch, this lens is a high performance zoom lens, ideally suited for everyday or traveling use.

The improved DG lens coating reduces flare and ghosting, which is a common problem of digital cameras, and also creates an optimum color balance. And the wide angle range of this lens also makes it ideal for use with digital SLR cameras, providing a focal zoom range of approximately 36 to 90mm.

One piece of glass mold Aspherical and three pieces of Hybrid Aspherical lenses offer excellent correction for distortion as well as all types of aberration
Close focus capability of 14.9"
Zoom Lock Switch that eliminates Zoom Creep
Inner Focus system is particularly suitable for using circular polarizing filters and a petal-type hood as the front of the lens does not rotate
As part of the DG line, this lens is optimized for digital cameras

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