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St Joseph's School Northam Parent Funded Portal

In 2022, students from Year 4 to 6 can continue the option to participate in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program. This program aims to enrich the educational experiences of the 21st Century learners at St Joseph’s School, Northam. Students will be allowed to bring personal iPads to school to be used throughout the day. Please be aware the iPads will be managed by the school during school hours.

For further information about the additional products please click on the links provided: Apple Care  STM Dux Plus Duo 

The school has partnered with PRA Technology Solutions to provide suitable device bundle options at discounted prices to support the schools BYOD program.

The iPad Device Bundles available for the optional Year 4 to 6 and Secondary program.

The Laptop Device Bundles available as a preferred option for students Year 10 to 12.

CLICK HERE FOR Suitable Device Guidelines

PRA Solutions will service any warranty, insurance or repairs for the products purchased by our parents/ guardians. (08 9225 4677)

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