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Samsung Digital Interactive Displays with Whiteboard Technology

PRA Solutions and Samsung Australia have join forces in providing cost effective digital solutions for the classroom, from interactive digital displays with digital whiteboard technology thru too indoor and outdoor digital signage products.
PRA,s exclusive pricing on the whole range of interactive displays makes PRA the place to start the classroom down the digital interactive road to the future. PRA can help with installation and also product knowledge courses for teacher to better able to deliver a digital learning experience for students at all levels of education.
Why Digital Signage in Education
The rate of information coming to students and surrounding them is at an all-time high, and this has created a heightened need for more personalized and engaging lessons, while enabling educators to effectively innovate as they are now faced with students who find it difficult to remain focused.
The education industry is now adapting to these emerging trends by leveraging digital signage solutions that can enhance the overall learning experience with more personalized and interactive lessons. Educators are finding more innovative tools and skills at their disposal, while students are having their attention and focus held throughout the entirety of lessons, thanks to these captivating tools and resources being introduced by digital signage.
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