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RODE AI-Micro USB Compact Audio Interface

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RODE AI-Micro USB Compact Audio Interface

The RODE AI-Micro is an ultra-compact dual-channel USB Audio Interface. It provides you with the ability to record high-quality audio to a mobile device or computer anywhere. It features (2x) 3.5mm inputs that you can use with a wide variety of microphones and includes auto-sensing inputs that detect whether you are using a TRS or TRRS cable. The AI-Micro will automatically switch to the appropriate connection type to accommodate your input.

Weighing less than 20 grams, the AI-Micro is extremely compact and lightweight. Just add two lavalier microphones and you have a complete, studio-quality recording setup that fits in your pocket.

AI-Micro Zero-latency audio monitoring

A very important feature is the high-quality headphone output that offers zero-latency audio monitoring and playback. The AI-Micro is versatile as it will connect to USB-A, USB-C and Lightning devices via its universal USB output. Furthermore, it is compatible with the RODE app suite that offers you expanded features and functionality such as on-the-go configuration, and broadcast-quality recording on any device. The expanded features and functionality are available on RODE Central, RODE Connect and RODE Reporter.

Included accessories and compatibility

Also included with the AI-Micro is (1x) SC21 – USB Type-C to Lightning cable, (1x) SC22 – USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable and (1x) SC23 – USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable. The AI-Micro is also compatible with the SmartLav+, Lavalier GO, RODELink Lav, SC15, SC16, SC17, SC18, SC19 and all VideoMics with 3.5mm output.

Powerful and versatile audio interface

The AI-Micro will provide a frequency response between; 20Hz and 20kHz and offers a 24-bit Rate with both sampling rates of 44.100 and 48kHz. It offers (2x) preamps and (2x) Simultaneous I/O recording so you can record 2x channels simultaneous. This is a USB bus-powered interface so it’s perfect for interviews in the field, on-the-go podcasting, and making video calls or live streaming at home.