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Falcon Eyes | LED 820 Panel Constant Lighting Kit

  • $498.75

Falcon Eyes | LED 820 Panel Constant Lighting Kit

  • 820 LED’s
  • Built-in barn doors
  • Removable diffuser
  • Adjustable color temperature from 3000-7000K
  • AC powered
  • Built in V-Mount Battery Plate
  • Colour temp & power adjustment knob
  • Carry bag

Keep your photo shoot illuminated minus the heat with the Falcon Eyes Continuous LED 820 Panel Lighting Kit. The kit’s panel consists of 820 LED’s, a removable diffuser, and built-in barn doors. The AC powered unit comes with adjustable color temperature from 3000-7000K via colour temp & power adjustment knob and can withstand continuous use. Its built in V-Mount Battery Plate will let you use your V-mount battery (not included in kit) to power-up in outdoor locations. This kit comes with a carry bag.

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